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For more than twenty-five years, East Coast Industries, Inc (ECI) has developed a reputation as a leader in the Nondestructive Testing (NDT) field throughout the United States. Located just outside New York City, our growing business has spread from the tri-state area throughout the entire U.S. with established customers in Boston, Atlanta, Chicago, Los Angeles, Washington, D.C. and Seattle.

Success in today’s highly competitive building management business depends upon high tenant occupancy, controlled expenses, and trouble-free operation. Which means no unexpected shutdowns, no major equipment and service failures, and no expensive emergency costs associated with unexpected shutdowns.

Our NDT services enable our customer's to determine their equipment's condition while in operation. This technique is dependent on the fact that most equipment will give some type of warning prior to failure. This technology is referred to as Predictive Maintenance. To sense the symptoms by which equipment is warning us requires several types of nondestructive testing. ECI’s nondestructive testing services will identify specific faults long before breakdown or even catastrophic failure. Benefits of Predictive Maintenance/Nondestructive Testing include:

Less Breakdowns Maintain facility production
Avoid catastrophic failures Provide reasonable work hours
Anticipate and plan repairs Reduced spare parts
Increase profits SAFETY!

Implementation of Predictive Maintenance allows facility management to control their machinery and maintenance programs rather than vice versa.

ECI's area of expertise includes six proven predictive maintenance inspection services highlighted on this website. ECI takes pride in the fact that we utilize the most advanced testing equipment on the market today. That combined with continued education allows us to provide you with greater detail and accuracy in our finished reports.

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We would also like to thank our valued customer's for their continued support and loyalty over the years.

Avoid Down-Time or Catastraphic Failure

Electrical Switchgear Fire

Burned Wires on A/C Unit

Pipe Failure

Severe Misalignment

Excessive Steam Loss

Arcing on Building’s Main Fuse
Specialty Products

Electrical Panel Temperature Monitoring

Corrosion Fuse

Committed to the advancement of predictive maintenance/nondestructive testing technologies, East Coast Industries, Inc. personnel are either active members of, or receive annual training from, the following organizations:

Infraspection Institute nfraspection Institute