About Us

East Coast Industries, Inc. is a privately owned company serving the New York City metropolitan area, as well as many out of state clients. Established in 1983, we have steadily grown from a supplier of HVAC products to becoming a major source of nondestructive testing technologies. These technologies are relied upon by many in the building management industry for the successful and reliable day to day operation of their commercial and industrial properties.

Business Philosophy

Our basic business attitude or philosophy has always been to provide the highest overall level of service possible. We continually strive to refine and improve both the quality of our actual field testing work, as well as the presentation of our test results. By offering our services at reasonable cost, we have helped bring the preventive and predictive benefits of nondestructive testing to many building owners and operators who have in the past found the high expense of such services prohibitive.

While inaccurate or insufficient field testing data will directly impact the final determination of any nondestructive investigation, we consider it equally deficient to submit test results in a format which is poorly organized, inconclusive, difficult to understand, and therefore of little value. We have long recognized the interest from our clients for information which is accurate, clear, well presented, informative, and above all - used to their benefit. Therefore, a significant percentage of our time and effort relates to the presentation of our test data. ECI will continue to provide the highest level of testing and reporting service available, as well as investigate new nondestructive diagnostic methods of benefit and interest to our clients.

Sample reports for each NDT program are provided upon request as well as client references. Competitively priced, our primary goal has always been to offer building operating personnel the full benefit of information from each and every testing effort. Our primary goal is to confidently answer all questions originally raised.